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クリスタルパレス・レストランでブッフェを楽しもう@TDL / Let's enjoy buffet meal at Cristal Palace Restaurant

Hi. I would like to talk about my lunch on last Saturday. I tried buffet lunch at Cristal Palace Restaurant, Tokyo Disneyland.



ランチとディナーの時間帯は、ブッフェスタイルのお食事です。料金は、大人3090円、7才~12才のお子様 1950円、4才~6才のお子様 1230円。お料理やデザートが食べ放題、ソフトドリンクも飲み放題になっています。見てください、このお料理!ミッキーシェイプがいろんなところに。サラダやスープ、パスタ、ピザ、お肉やお魚の料理がそろっています。お子さん向けにはハンバーグやチキンライスもありましたよー。私はちらしずしにはまってしまいました。
During Lunch and Dinner period, it is buffet style restaurant. Adults 3090 JPY, Children (7-12) 1950 JPY, and Children (4-6) 1230 JPY. All you can eat and drink, including salad, soup, pasta, pizza, fish and meat. For children there were Hamburg steak and chicken rice. See these Mickey shaped food! I loved Chirashi-Zushi (Japanese style unrolled sushi) so much.


Especially during 35 years anniversary event, desserts are specially decorated. So lovely. I would like to have all :P


There is 90-minute time limit, but I had relaxing time in well air-conditioned room (I think this is most important factor for summer season) with pretty food. Guests can get in waiting line during lunch and dinner time, but I recommend to have Priority Seating in advance. Priority Seating is a system for booking a dining time at certain restaurants. With a Priority Seating time, you can be seated with a minimal wait after you arrive at the restaurant. Even though I had it, I needed to wait for about 20 minutes for my table. So please make sure to have schedule with time to spare. Period for Booking is from 10:00am one month before the day you want to dine until 8:59pm on the day before your visit. And from 9:00am on the day you visit. If all tables look like fully booked, some available tables comes due to cancellation. I recommend not to give up.
For your information, breakfast at Crystal Palace Restaurant is Disney Character Breakfast with Winnie the Pooh and his friends. It was so happy to be here. Please find another article about my experience. 



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