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ニューイヤーズ・イヴ@TDL 1 / New Year's Eve 1

Hi I was in Tokyo Disneyland at the moment when the year changes, 2018 to 2019. It is called as "Count Down Party" usually. I would like to report my experience. This is about our preparation.


【チケットを手に入れる / Getting tickets】
To join the count down, guests need to buy "New Year's Eve Passport", a special ticket. You can buy it when you win the lottery via official web site, or when you stay Disney Hotels or Official hotels. Both are really difficult or expensive... I tried the lottery several times but this is my first time to win. So I was so much excited when I win the tickets. See another blog written when I know the win. 



Actual Ticket was sent at the beginning of November. The mail contained "New Year's Eve Passport", "Today"(Show schedule guide) and Travel pass of Disney Resort Line with special picture. As the image data of "Today" was also available on official web site, I keep it on my file with great care.



The opening hours of "New Year's Eve Passport" was different from last year. It started from 8:00pm on Dec-31, 2018. Until 4:00am on Jan-1, 2019, guests needed to be in one park which decided by lottery. (For our case, we had to be in Disneyland park.) After 4:00am, guests could enjoy both Disneyland and DisneySea until park closure, 10:00pm on Jan-1. So guests with "New Year's Eve Passport" could enjoy Tokyo Disney Resort for 26 hours for only 9700 JPY. As Regular 1 day passport is 7400 JPY, this ticket is good value for those who has enough stamina.



【ホテルを予約する / Booking Hotel Room】
Because we don't have good stamina to enjoy 26 hours in succession, we made reservation of a hotel room. We used Dormy Inn Tokyo Hacchobori. It is 5 minutes' walk from JR Hacchobori station (One of Keiyo-line station. 15 minutes from Maihama, nearest station of Tokyo Disney Resort.) There is a large public bath (Onsen) in the hotel. It was advantage for us to freshen up.



【レストランを予約する / Booking Restaurant】
Normally, there is long queue for meals when crowded. We struggled, but finally we made "Priority Seating" reservation for 2 restaurant. One was Restaurant Hokusai at 0:30am on Jan-1, and another was Crystral Palace Restaurant on 12:40pm on Jan-1.


[Official]Priority Seating (booking restaurants in advance)|Tokyo Disneyland


【防寒用品を準備する / Protection against Cold】
When I read some reports of count down, it looked really cold at Disney parks. Thus I prepared warm clothes as much as I could. Extra Warm Heat Tech (famous warm inner from UNIQLO), knitwear, down coat for tops. Heat Tech Tights and Warm Easy Pants (both are from UNIQLO) for bottoms. Mouton boots for foot, Heat Tech gloves, muffler, and many disposable heat packs. I totally relied on UNIQLO products. For waiting time for shows, I used warm picnic plaid, blanket, and hot drink. Perfect!



【気分を盛り上げるグッズ / Liven up myself】
I bought this stuffed toy for me. Baymax with orange. It imitates "Kagami-Mochi", a traditional Japanese offering made of rice cake for New Year's. It is cute, but now I think I wasted my money:P



I was so excited while preparation. I will report what it was on the day in next blog. See you.


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