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アウラニひとり旅(準備編その3) / Traveling Alone to Aulani, Disney Resort and Spa (Prep, part3)

Today's topic is about my preparation for Aulani trip. The service of Mickey Net, the travel agency I used, was very good.


One day, it was less than a month until my trip to Aulani, I received a mail from Mickey Net. There was...Aulani Guide Book inside:) It was about resort information, basic knowledge of Hawaii and so on. Yes, these information can be accessed through some web site, but it is very easy to read to have one single book. Especially if it will be the first trip to Aulani, this guide book should enhance the sense of security. This is great service I think.



There were other brochures inside. I am dying to try Disney Cruise Line once I read them!


Other than the booklet, I received more messages from Mickey Net. According to them I will have these services as well.


・ポーターへチップは滞在費に含まれている / Tips for porters are included into my hotel fee.
・私の予約したプランは、1泊50ドルのリゾートクレジットがついている。(リゾートクレジットとは、滞在中の食事、スパ、買い物に使えるもの。ルームキーを提示して支払うと、チェックアウト時の精算のときにリゾートクレジット分が差し引かれるそうです。) / My plan includes 50 USD "Resort Credit" per a day. "Resort Credit" can be used as payment for meal, spa treatment, and shopping during my stay at Aulani.
・お部屋にチョコレートストロベリーを用意してくれる / There will be complimentary strawberry chocolate inside my room.
・3泊以上の滞在の場合は、アウラニファンブックをもらえる / I will get "Aulani Fun Book" as I will stay 3 nights.



I don't know these are from Aulani or Mickey Net, or special offer of my reservation, but anyway I really am excited to go there:)



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