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エントランスの整列グリーティング@TDL / Line-Up Greeting at Park Entrance

Good evening! Today I tried Line-Up Greeting at the Park Entrance of Tokyo Disneyland. In fact, it was my first time throughout 35 years history.
First, its overview. Guests can meet and greet Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse at the Park Entrance. There are 2 lines for each characters. Their greeting schedule is available on official web site. The scheduled time is their appearance time, so line cut earlier than scheduled end time. Greeting may be cancelled due to inclement weather. While you are in the park, you can see the current operation status on official web site as well.


Disney Character Greetings | Tokyo Disneyland


Then, let's try to stand in line! You will get a greeting ticket from a cast who is on the end of line. You need to report the number of your group. Please make sure, once you report, you can't change the number. After you get the greeting ticket, then your group members can leave the line in rotation. (One of members need to be in line, at least.) I recommend to do so because it's really hot there.



When you turn come close, a cast may tell you about Snap Photo Service. Of course you can use your own camera but guests are requested to limit their photo-taking to one shot per party when using their own camera. In my case, I take characters shot by my own camera, and ask Snap Photo cameraman to take a picture of me and characters.



These are pictures of Mickey and Minnie. Even though only one shot could be taken per party, they were very kind:) Many hugs, autograph...etc. Please make sure to check if your picture was taken properly by your camera before you say goodbye to them. If it's not taken, then ask cast members to take it again. They will kindly help you. 


今日のスケジュールは、8:00am から10:25amと、12:00から3:30pmの2回でした。私は11:20amごろからミニーの列に並び始めて、自分の順番が来たのが12:25頃。ミッキーの列に並び始めたのが12:30頃で、自分の順番は1:25pm頃でした。ミッキーとはミッキーの家でも会えるので、ミニーの方が比較的待ち時間が長い傾向があるようです。私がミニーと撮り終わった直後は、100分待ちとの案内をしていました。100分って!
Today's greeting schedule was 2 sessions, 8:00am - 10:25am and 12:00 - 3:30pm. I started to stand in line for Minnie at around 11:20am, and my turn came at around 12:25. As for Mickey, started at around 12:30, and my turn was around 1:25pm. Minnie's line is longer than Mickey's generally, because guests can meet Mickey at his house as well. When I finished my greeting with Minnie, the waiting time became 100 min!


[今日のおやつ / Today's Snack]
I had chicken nuggets (330 yen) and Coke Zero (300 yen for M size). chicken nuggets are Mickey-shaped. Cute:)




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