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アウラニひとり旅(準備編その2) / Traveling Alone to Aulani, Disney Resort and Spa (Prep, part2)

Today's topic is about my preparation for Aulani trip. It is now less than a month until the day I fly:)
Wi-fiレンタル : 1520円
Wi-fi Rental : 1520 JPY
いつものフォートラベルグローバルWiFiで予約しました。4GLTE 250MBのプランで、1日あたり190円、とっても安くなりましたね。確かアウラニ内は、プールエリアも含めてWi-fiが飛んでいたと記憶していますので、ワイキキに出た時にGoogle Mapを見るのが主な利用目的になりそうです。
I booked 4 travel Global WiFi as always. 4GLTE 250MB plan, 190 JPY/day! really reasonable:) I think Wi-fi connection was available at Aulani including pool area when I visited before. So I will use it for google map while I will be in Waikiki area.
空港からアウラニへの移動 : 26 USD(チップ込み)
Ground Transportation from airport to Aulani : 26 USD / one way (include Tips)
ワイキキのホテルから空港への移動 : 16 USD(チップ込み)
Ground Transportation from Waikiki to airport : 16 USD / one way (include Tips)
ロバーツハワイのエアポートエクスプレスシャトルを予約しました。同じく乗り合いの送迎で、スピーディシャトルと言う会社もあり、値段も大差ないので(チップなしで22.70 USD、18%のチップを加えると26.78USD)、若干安いロバーツハワイの方を予約しました。ウェブサイトも日本語なので、楽ちんです。
Booked Roberts Hawaii 's Airport express shuttle. Reservation can be made through web in Japanese language. FYI, there is another shuttle bus service, Speedi Shuttle, 22.70 USD(without Tips).
アウラニからワイキキへの移動 : 予約せず
Ground Transportation from Aulani to Waikiki : Not booked
As my itinerary is 3 nights at Aulani and 3 nights at Waikiki, I have to move from town to town. However I decided not to book any transportation in advance. I might want to be at Aulani as much as I can, or I might want to go shopping earlier... I will decide what I feel at the time. Maybe I will call taxi or Uber.
JCB card holders can use Waikiki Trolley Pink Line (between Waikiki and Ala Moana) for free. Originally it costs 2 USD per one way. A good service for travelers without trolley service running by travel agencies. The website says the promotion will end on 2019 March-31st, but it often extends from 2009. No in advance application needed, just show JCB logo to trolley driver.



I think the basic preparation is good enough so far. Daily detailed schedule will be decided according to hotel's activity schedule. I would like to have Lomi Lomi treatment, try Ukulele, and have greetings with Disney Characters! But let me decide it on arrival.
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