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ドリーミング・アップ!の鑑賞エリア@TDL / Viewing area of Dreaming Up!

Good evening! As you might know, Dreaming Up!, the new parade at Tokyo Disneyland, has viewing area available by lottery. I watched viewing area's situation on last Wednesday and Friday. Let me report it to you.
First I would like to start from the general information. The area colored with pink on the map is the one for guests who win the drawing. One group can try once a day by scanning all park tickets of the group which used to enter the park on the day. In case several shows happen on the same day, then guests need to select one from them when try lottery. So, please make sure to decide your schedule before the lottery. Guests can try at Tomorrowland Hall or via official App (only available in Japanese language) I recommend to use official App, as I don't need to go Tomorrowland, I can try it anywhere. The deadline is 30 min. before the show at Tomorrowland Hall, and 1 hour for Apps. Please also note that you have to bring your ticket you used in the lottery, when you come inside of the viewing area.




This is the story I saw last time, but there were no chairs in the viewing area for lottery winners. Winners were called the order of reference number and sit on the ground. It means even if I win, I may not be able to get the best position such as 1st row. Umm, then I don't prefer lottery seats. I would wait for the show earlier. But this lottery may be good for the group who don't want to use their time for just keeping seat and waiting for the show. Please try when you have chance.
Another new comer is Kids' viewing area. Guests don't need to fold baby carriages, and Kids can enjoy the show  while standing inside the area. When I was in the Park last week, the area with blue ● was the area. Guests could enter into it at 1 hour before the show start. Please confirm details when you try to use. For those who are not be with kids, please ask where is the kids' area  to cast members when you start placement. Because if no one is waiting at the area, it might be kids' viewing area or the area for special guests (e.g. wheel chair, lottery winners and so on.)
Then I would like to share some pictures with you. These were pictures taken on last Wednesday or Friday. The order is random.


でもなんだか、写真だけでは良さを表現しきれてない・・・。出てくるキャラクターもたくさん、フロートもステキだし、音楽も楽しいパレードです。ぜひぜひ現場で実物をどうぞ。個人的には特に最後のメリーポピンズがもう!「Let's Go Fly a
While I took so many pictures, I don't feel they shows excellence of the parade well. So many Disney characters appear during the parade, the floats are amazing, and its music is quite good. I highly recommend to watch it on-site! Personally Mary Poppins on the final float is really lovely. When I heard its music, "Let's Go Fly a Kite", I became teary-eyed, because I love the movie.
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