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クリスタルパレス・レストランのキャラクターブレックファーストへ行こう / Let's go to Character Breakfast at Crystal Palace Restaurant

Last Saturday I went to Tokyo Disneyland with Y-chan, my friend. We had breakfast at Crystal Palace Restaurant, Adventureland. At the restaurant, Disney Character Breakfast is available only morning, Disney Characters come to tables and greet during meal.
To enjoy Disney Character Breakfast, advance online registration is required. From 10:00am 1 month before the day, to 6:59am on the day of use. In our case, I suddenly thought of Character Breakfast 1 day before the visit, and checked official web site throughout the day to find the cancellation. Finally I got a table! Before, I had also found some available tables appeared suddenly on the day before. I think it might be the possible way to get table.
Please also attention to the arrival time. Guest should go to the restaurant within 30 min after the park opening. It means we have to a bit rush. Especially park opening sometimes there is long queue to enter, I recommend to arrive the park gate earlier than opening hour.




Then let me start to write about our visit. We could got Disneyland entrance early, we came inside the park at around 8:05am. We got Fastpass first, then walked to Crystal Palace Restaurant. We said our registration name to a cast member, and pay 1850 JPY per one adult.


Menu is course meal. We walked with a cast member to choose some options. Mickey pancakes, fried potato, Scrambled egg, sausage, salad (with Japanese flavor dressing or Caesar dressing), fruits, cold drink (one from orange juice, grapefruit juice, tomato juice, and milk) Then she directed us to the table. Coffee and tea were free refill, self‐service.

There were 2 dining areas at the restaurant. Guests were directed to one side first. When the side became full, then directed to another side. Characters came first to the area filled up earlier, then moved to another side. Our table was on the later side, so we had enough time to eat meal. It was also because I was speed-eating...


We could meet Pooh, Piglet, Rabbit, Tigger, and Eeyore. Eeyore came finally at around 9:35am. Cast members were not be with characters all the time. If you want to take a picture with whole group members, please ask other guests around you. Sometimes characters asked to do so on behalf of us. I think it's better to have plenty of time until next activity. Anyway, after greeting, we just left the restaurant as we already paid.


We could take some pictures with one character, they could give autograph. Character Dining is so much Fun! The meal was voluminous. Standard taste pancake was also good. We enjoyed so much.
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