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東京ディズニーリゾートの年間パスポートを作ろう / Let's Create an Annual Passport of Tokyo Disney Resort

こんばんは、ねこたろうです。もうすぐ東京ディズニーランドの35周年イベント、Happiest Celebration!がスタートしますね。テレビでも、街の中でも広告を見るようになってきて、わくわくしてきました。昨年度は海外のディズニーパーク制覇を目指して飛び回っていましたねこたろうですが、今年度は基本に立ち返って、東京にもたくさん通いたいと思っています。ということで、ようやく本日、年間パスポートを作ってきました!
Hi, This is Nekotaro. Happiest Celebration!, 35 years anniversary event of Tokyo Disneyland, will come soon. As
I saw many advertisements in town, I am excited so much. I mainly visited Disney Parks overseas last year, but I will try to come to Tokyo Disney Resort more. Thus, I made my annual passport today.
Guests can create Annual Passport at East Gate Reception of Tokyo Disneyland. First, to choose the type of Passport and pay. In my case, I handed my Exchange Ticket I bought before. Waiting for picture shooting while filling up the application form.



This is the picture shooting booth. Submitting my application form and identification document, then picture shooting.I could check my picture before printing so that I don't have unsatisfied picture. It was good service;)
Waiting for a while, then...Here's my Annual Passport!



Soon after, I entered Tokyo Disneyland Park. There were so many blooming flowers! Good weather of spring time, and very much crowded there.



Actually I am worrying how often I can come, but...anyway my new life has started lol