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オーランド ウォルトディズニーワールドへ行こう(準備その5:ネットスーパーでお買い物) / Trip to Walt Disney World, Orlando, Prep Part 5 : Shopping at online supermarket

年末年始のウォルトディズニーワールド旅行。次は現地のネットスーパーでのお買い物です。これには私のいやな思い出が関係してまして・・・どうも、アメリカのレストランでの食事が合わないようで、体調を崩すんですよね。吐いたり熱を出したりするのもイヤだし(過去そういうことがあったのです・・・)、これは無駄遣いじゃありません、と、またもや言い訳しつつ、利用したのがこちら、Garden Grocer.comです。

Next preparation for our WDW trip is, shopping at online supermarket. This is related to my bad experience. Sometimes I get sick after meals in USA. I don't want to throw up nor get fever (These accidents really happened...). Thus I used an online supermarket, Garden Grocer.com.




They will deliver items we buy now to our hotel at WDW. Delivery fee is 14 USD (if buy over 200 USD, then only 2 USD) , but I think it is worth using with consideration of our short travel period. There also is pre-order discount. 60days prior then 10%, 30days 7%, and 15days 5%.



We ordered yogurt, cut fruit, banana, express salad kit with dressing, cereal, etc. Fruit and vegetable are important for me! In addition, we also ordered snacks in case we won't have meal at restaurant due to crowd. And a lot of bottled water. I will bring powder tea from home and put it into bottle. Then I will be able to drink unsweetened tea there! This picture is only a part of our order.




This is not limited to WDW trip, but instant miso soup and freeze-dried noodles are my Must Have items for travel. Hot Japanese food is good for peace of mind for me. However I should check ingredients, because there is regulation about import of meat in USA. As they say there is not an electric pot at Pop Century Hotel, I will bring my travel kettle.



I already have passport and ESTA. I think preparations are completed. I am relieved I could update all articles about preparations into this blog:)



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