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アナハイム・ディズニーランドリゾートへ行こう(準備その1) / Trip to Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, Prep Part 1

飛行機 :  JAL特典航空券 成田ーロサンゼルス 49,000マイル +  税金料金等 16,640円
私は貯まっていたJALマイレージを使うことにしました。「今だけ全便対象!期間限定 JALホームページ限定 JALカード割引」という料金で、行きはエコノミー、帰りはプレミアムエコノミーを予約しました。
ホテル : トロピカーナイン&スイーツ : 87,276円
空港とホテルの移動  : 18.05 USD / 片道 (チップ込み、ディスカウント10%)
空港からの乗り合い送迎、スーパーシャトルを予約しました。「Super Shuttle Discount」とググってみたところ運よく10%のディスカウントコードを発見し、このお値段になっています。
3デーチケット パークホッパーオプション付き : 304.26 USD (Yちゃん用)
4デーチケット パークホッパーオプション付き : 317.67 USD (私用)
Birnbaum's 2018 Disneyland Resort: The Official Guide (Birnbaum Guides)

Birnbaum's 2018 Disneyland Resort: The Official Guide (Birnbaum Guides)




My challenge, to complete all Disney Parks, moves in new stage. Going out from Asia, then next visit is USA. I and Y-chan will visit Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, California in coming December.
Air : Japan Airline, Narita - Los Angeles : 49,000 miles + Tax,etc. 16,640 JPY
As Y-chan lives in Taipei, Taiwan, we will meet at Hotel in Anaheim.
I booked Japan Airline flight as free ticket of mileage program. I will go by economy seat, and come back by premium economy seat.
Hotel : Tropicana Inn and Suites : 87,276 JPY
One Standard Room, 2 Queen Beds for 4 nights, booked via Expedia.
This is a motel located East side of Disneyland. Of course I prefer Disney Hotels, but due to our budget, we took it. This is second best I think, because it's near by parks and its comments on web are good.
Ground Transportation between hotel and airport : 18.05 USD / one way (include Tips and 10% discount)
Booked Super Shuttle. I found 10% discount coupon on internet fortunately.
Park Ticket :
3-Days Ticket with Park Hopper option : 304.26 USD (For Y-chan)
4-Days Ticket with Park Hopper option : 317.67 USD (For me)
As my flight will arrive in the morning, I will have one more day than Y-chan. Booked via Mickey net, a travel agency.
Official Guide Book :
I bought Official Guide Book in English because Japanese books about Disneyland Resort don't have enough information. It's like a school textbook....
I think basic preparations are enough. I will also report my status for Apps, Wi-fi, and restaurant reservations.
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